with Dona Tumacder-Esteban


Together, we connect with our Cyclical Nature and the Wisdom of our Wise Wombs.

About Inner Moon Well-being

Our Wombs are living bodies of Wisdom, both our own and the collective remembrances of women who have come before us, women present with us, and women who have yet to come. Our experiences during our menstrual cycle, especially during our premenstrum, are our bodies’ way of communicating her needs. Through deep sensing and embodiment, on one’s own and in community with each other and our Earth Mother, we can honor our menstrual cycles and understand the hormonal dance, energetic imprints, psycho-emotional perspectives, and the archetypes of each phase. We can learn her language to bring healing and harmony to our lives. Together, let us reconnect with our Wise Wombs, enter a portal into a deeply embodied practical Spirituality, enrich our sense of Self and Well-being from as women, and step into our wholeness and leadership rooted in the receptive Feminine in sacred union with the dynamic Masculine.

Raise your chalices, Blood Sisters, and drink from the Wisdom of your Inner Moon. Welcome to a Regla (r)Evolution.


Dona hopes for a world where we can all become more of who we are fully, fiercely, unapologetically. She encourages people to awaken through their bodies, helps them fall in love with themselves again, and guides people in conceiving and giving birth to an expanded version of themselves filled with spice, depth, and juiciness. She does these through Embodiment practices, Energy Management for high performing organizations, and advocating an embodied approach to Women’s Well-being that honors the feminine energy cycle which she shares extensively in both live and online platforms in Asia Pacific and Europe.

Dona is passionate about educating people and shifting society’s perspective and experience of the menstrual cycle so that healing happens in both the individual and the collective. Her approach is an integration of feminine energetic imprints, Traditional Chinese Medicine, hormone harmony, psycho-emotional health, and practical Spirituality. She weaves in somatic movement and intuitive dance, Yoga and mindfulness inspired by the work of her mentor and elder Angela Farmer, Yin and meridian practices, archetypal embodiment, and life force nutrition specific to the different phases of the feminine energy cycle and our shifting hormones. Dona envisions wider and wider circles of women, harmonizing their external environment with their internal cycles, and stepping into evolutionary leadership to enrich their respective communities.

Dona dedicates her inner and outer work to her daughter, Carmen.