Moving with our Cycles

Here's a short movement practice to embody the energetic imprints of each phase of the cycle followed by a short talk on the gifts and blessings of each phase.

Shout out to my sister, Lala Magbuhat, who joined me for this practice.

Dread to Delight: a chat with Zarah Windy on the Menstrual Cycle

For quick videos on simple practices for the different phases of our cycle, click on

Embodying our Inner Moon - an embodiment practice shared with Nerika Light Healing.

Talk Period To Me- Ep 2- The Power Within with Sally King & Dona Esteban

A session on decoding cyclical mood changes, and balancing your energy spheres.

Dive deep into the impact of Pre-Menstrual Syndrome on emotional processing and learn how to truly embody the Power and Wisdom of our selves.

with Sally King, founder,@menstrualmatters UK-based non-profit org)

& Dona Tumacder-Esteban @innermoonwellbeing, Women's Well-being counselor, Manila.

Faces of our Phases - IG Live chat with @nalawomanph on the archetypes and the phases of the cycle

Part 1

Part 2

The Power of our Period

A TedX Women talk arranged by Legaspi Village Women, Nov 8, 2017