Inner Moon Well-being offers regular workshops and circles centered around the different stages and phases of women's lives.

A 5 week online Cycle Awareness program


  • 5 live online circles on the different phases of the menstrual cycle

  • Interactive discussions on hormonal changes, psycho-emotional patterns and energetic imprints of the cycle phases

  • embodiment and lifestyle practices specific to each phase

  • cycle awareness and tracking tools

  • handouts

  • video recording of the the live calls (available for a limited time)

TIME: 730-10pm Philippine Time (GMT+8); 130-4pm CET

Email for reservations and inquiries.

Sister Satsang with Sabina Glas and Dona Tumacder-Esteban

This monthly three hour online women's circle is a place for us to drop into our bodies and from this place of embodiment, engage in soulful conversations centered around specific themes.

The next dates are:

Oct 17 Nov 21 Dec 19

4-7pm Philippine time (GMT+8); 10am-1pm CET

The contribution fee for this workshops is 15-30 euros. Check in with yourself, your needs, and your capabilities and send your heartfelt contribution to or GCASH at 09178474168. We are really delighted that you can join us! To register, click on


Join Dona online as she guides us into soothing our nervous system and unwinding, unfolding, and undoing the tight spaces in our bodies through a fluid yoga and free movement practice allowing energy to flow freely in our bodies and in our lives.

Every Friday, 5-630pm Philippine time (GMT+8), 11am-1230pm CET

To register, click on


Embodying Our Inner Moon: Moving with our Menstrual Cycle

To have access to all the classes at THE EMBODIMENT CONFERENCE, the largest FREE ONLINE SUMMIT on embodiment featuring teachers like Angela Farmer, Victor van Kooten, Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen, Irene Lyogs, Tara Brach, Gabor Mate, Ken Wilber, with , click on

Dona is teaching on Oct 25, 2020, Sunday, at 12noon.


As we go through the phases of our Inner Moon, our Menstrual Cycle, our hormones shift as well, affecting our physical, mental, emotional and even our spiritual dimensions. Our lifestyle, including the way we move, can influence this well-choreographed dance causing possible imbalances if we are not mindful of how our choices impact this choreography inside our bodies. Unfortunately, the menstrual cycle is often left out of the conversation even if the majority of practitioners are people who are still in their menstruating years. In this Yoga and embodiment practice, we honor the different phases of our menstrual cycle by learning the physiology and energetic imprints of each phase and honoring our natural rhythms through mindful movements.

Learning objectives:

1. To understand the anatomy of our cycle from a physiological, pyscho-emotional, and energetic perspectives

2. To embody movements in harmony with our menstrual cycle

3. To gain confidence in the choices that we make in support of our female energy cycle.