Officers and Appointed Positions


Officers (voting members of the Council)


Mike Eads, President
Narendra Jaggi, Vice President for Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity
Zak Knott
, President-Elect
Raymond Zich, Past-President
Bill Hogan, Secretary-Treasurer & Rossing Fund (first term - expires in 2021)
Tom Foster
, Section Representative (term - expires in 2023)

Appointed Positions (non-voting members of the Council unless they are elected Council members)


Andrew Morrison, Webmaster and Publicity Chair
Marianna Ruggerio, Social Media Director
Deepshikha Shukla, Editor of The Illinois Physics Teacher
Doug Brandt, Listserv Manager - Council Listserv | Membership Listserv
Zak Knott, Committee for the High School Teacher Award
Morten Lundsgaard, Chair - Committee for the Distinguished Service Citation
Tom Foster, Chair - Committee for the Preparation, Education, and Professional Development of H.S. Physics Teachers
Morten Lundsgaard - Handles Continuing Professional Development Units (CPDUs)