Call for Nominations for the Distinguished Service Citation

We invite and encourage you to nominate a fellow colleague for the Distinguished Service Citation to be presented at the Spring ISAAPT meeting. Please send your nomination by Dec. 1 to Andrew Morrison,

These lIllinois physics teachers have received this award.

Guidelines and Procedures

Purpose: The purpose of the distinguished service citation shall be to recognize outstanding contributions to the field of physics teaching in the state of Illinois. Special recognition shall be given in the areas of:

  • leadership of colleagues and students through physics teaching

  • professional contributions to section activities through contributed papers, workshop presentation, committee service, or elective office

  • distinguished service at the nominee's institution

Eligibility: A candidate shall have taught physics at an accredited high school, two-year or four-year college, or university in the state of Illinois for a period of at least five consecutive years.

Announcement: The ISAAPT shall announce by appropriate means that nominations are welcome for citation. This announcement shall be made annually by March, and shall specify the scope of recognition identified above under 1 (Purpose). Letters of nomination shall be due by Dec. 1.

Letters of nomination: At least two letters must be received giving evidence of outstanding contribution to physics teaching. These should be written by other teachers of physics. At least one letter should be written by an individual from outside the nominee's institution.

Selection: Selection shall be made by a committee designated for that purpose. The Selection Committee reads all letters of nomination. The Committee may seek additional information from sources it deems appropriate in making a selection. The name(s) of the Committee's choice(s) shall be given to the ISAAPT Council. Approval by the Council makes selection final.

Nature of award: The extent and nature of the award shall be determined by action of the ISAAPT Council. It may be a check, plaque, or some other appropriate token of recognition. In addition, Council determines the degree to which publicity will be provided about the citations. The nature of this award will be included in the annual announcement which initiates this procedure.