I am a plant eco-physiologist with research interests in plant hydraulics, plant anatomy, community ecology, and global change biology. My research has advanced the science of how plant communities are responding to increasing aridity and also contributed to increased awareness of the serious environmental and societal consequences of climate and land-use changes. My work combines observational and experimental fieldwork, greenhouse and laboratory experiments, functional trait assessment, process-based modelling, meta-analysis, and outreach engagement with local communities, middle and high schools, and visitors of protected natural areas. As a Latinx women, mother, and first-generation college student from a rural and underprivileged community in the Northeast of Brazil (Brazil’s poorest region), I have experienced many of the physical, emotional, social, and institutional barriers that under-represented groups have to overcome to succeed in academia. I am committed to create an inclusive, collaborative, and nurturing environment in every dimension of my work, and to guide students along the challenging scientific path. Besides researching plants, I also love to paint them in my watercolors. 

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ILAINE S. MATOS (she/hers)