Photo Art on Steel

We create very unique photographic art on steel. As far as we know, very few do this. Most photos are done on types of aluminum and tend to give a duller grey background. We prefer the steel as it tends to give a much shinier and sparklier image. We start out by cutting, then grinding the steel. We then mount it on wood or weld a hanger on the back depending on what steel we use...almost all our steel is recycled.

Once we have a fresh canvas. There is a tricky chemical process done that involves enhanced inks, digital grounds, and various clear coatings. We have been honing this technique over the past few years. There is a lot of trial and error to reach the best coloring. Some of the chemicals can react in interesting ways and we never know quite what the final piece looks like until its completely done.

For those wanting to know how to do this process. You may research how to transfer images to solid surfaces such as metal or porcelain. It depends on what medium you use, etc. We do not teach how to do this technique at this time. For us, it involves a lot of hard work, trial, and error. Because we have a large amount of orders and the upcoming show season, we are not doing any work for photographers.