Aliens, UFO's, Robots & Vintage Sci Fi

Why all the Sci Fi Ray Beam Zappy Stuff? Growing up, I got to watch a lot of cool Sci Fi and Monster Flicks with my Dad. I also read a lot of great pulpy books along with some serious classic sci fi. I still have worn copies of Heinlein, Asimov, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Ray Bradbury, Arthur C. Clarke just to name a few. They fueled my sense of wonder. We thought it would be cool to bring out the inner geekiness and create a section for Sci Fi stuff. Art actually has a U.F.O. design on the drawing board he has wanted to do for a bit. We work on Norman, our Found Object Robot off and on. We embrace our inner geek. p.s. I still watch cheesy Sci Fi and Monster Flicks thanks to SyFy channel and its original movies...mostly with Art and sometimes, still with Dad.

Gort-The Day the Earth Stood Still Earth vs. the Flying Saucers Brave New World 8"Hx10"W Space Cadet by Heinlein

Photo Art on Steel with Copper Photo Art on Steel - 3d title Photo Art on Steel 3D words Photo Art on Steel 3D Star

We have to take a moment here to talk about Laika, the Space Dog. We have doggies and they would like us to put in a word. She was a brave little cosmonaut. She was the first animal in orbit. Sadly, she passed away upon re-entry. She is not just a Space Hero. She is alsoa Hero for Animal Rights. We would like to thank her for paving theway to the stars. Thank you, are very much in our hearts.

Laika the Space Dog Homage ;)

Photo Art on Steel