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"Technicolor Dreams" is a piece I created that incorporates various elements of my work. It has a steel canvas floating inside a boxed gallery frame. It has 20 different paints along with various treatments and textures. I also created 3 dimensional elements through making different levels on the piece, as well as, using various 3D pieces. There is a raised layer with a photo on steel of a vintage projector that seems to be sending out colored butterflies that take flight through a rainbow of paint. The words 'Technicolor Dreams' are floating and were created using copper pins and letters. I wanted to create a piece that told a story of how we can create beauty and color with imagery. When projectors were invented, then techicolor film. It added such a dimensionality to viewing life in a whole new media. I hope you enjoy this piece as much as I enjoyed making it.

Vintage Peace March

Vintage Peace March

London to Aldermaston

April 4-7, 1958

First Time the Peace Sign was used.

miniArt mags & metal art goodies

Home is Where You

Hang Your Heart

steel, copper, patinas,

acrylics, and ink

3d metal sculptures

Love Metal Art Painting

layered steel, copper,

acrylics, and ink

found object art

Let the Music Lift You


Wonder Flower MiniArt Magnet

Norman - Found Objects

Work in Progress

Bird Song Steel Cuff