photos on steel

With research and lots of experimentation, the hidden dragon art lab came up with a process to create photos on steel. By doing this, the photo has depth and sparkle as the light bounces off the steel. The photos come from photos we take, vintage public domain covers, and photos people send us to be used with their permission. We've taken pics of old comic book covers, book covers, objects we have, & basically whatever feels like it needs to be photographed just 'cause it looked cool that moment. Many metal art photos are enhanced with added embellishments such as gemstones, glass, copper, etc. No two are exactly alike. Enjoy!

Vintage Cowgirls on Steel

We are always trying new fun ways to play with metal. The Photos on Steel are in a popular 8"x10" size. They also come in a mini-Art size ~ 4"x6" that can be hung on the wall or put as a magnet on something. We've found many have found new homes in cubicles. Apparently, cube grey is an elegant backdrop for vibrant mini-Art. We also make travertine and steel coasters with cork bottoms. Its a coaster that works, not just looking pretty. We're picky about coaster utilization. We've been asked to do belt buckles and are looking into that. We welcome any suggestions. We are currently researching ways to create photos on 3D sculptures and/or incorporate them together as well. This would bring us full circle back to the metal sculpting. We are looking into a process to create personalized photos on steel due to the many requests we've had from customers. Its all part of expanding Metal Artivity.