Shiny To be good, in a state of being good, to be having a good time.

Source - Firefly.

How are you today?

Shiny. Cool.

Austin, Monsters, & Mayhem

We created a photo on steel series called, Austin, Monsters, & Mayhem. Because we have a love of good ole scifi and vintage monster flicks, we thought iconic landmarks in Austin and other cities could use some Monsters & Mayhem. Imagine Monsters, UFO's, and other scifi fantasy creatures popping up all over Austin.'Flying Saucers over Austin' flew out at last weeks art show. We also have an artistic interpretation of 'Godzilla' walking through Town Lake or 'Nessie' is moving spotted at the San Antonio Riverwalk. Please 'Like' us on Facebook for quick updates and check out our show page for upcoming art shows and events. -Have Fun, HD'Flying Saucers over Austin' Photographic Art on a Steel Canvas.