Notable Alumni

Hannah Williams signing her letter of intent

Photo credited to Brighton Blade

Hannah Williams photo

Photo credited to Northwestern Oklahoma State University.

Hannah Williams-Northwestern Oklahoma State University

Hannah Williams went down as the first student-athlete to sign a collegiate letter of intent. During her time at Eagle Ridge Academy, she was a dominate outside force for the Warriors. She garnered 1st-Team All-Conference honors through the Confluence League (3A) in Brighton, CO.

Hannah's finished her career with a .297 hitting percentage, 147 blocks, 128 aces, 321 digs, 53 assists, and 522 kills.

She attended Northwestern Oklahoma State University in Alva, Oklahoma to continue her career in volleyball.

Amber Cline

Photo credited to Presentation College

Amber Cline

Photo credited to Presentation College

Amber Cline-Presentation College

Amber Cline helped anchor the middle of her team with Hannah Williams and Sidney Benson flanking her. Her efforts at Eagle Ridge Academy led to a .235 hitting percentage, 128 blocks, 61 aces, 180 digs, 24 assists, and 180 kills. During Amber's senior campaign she aided her team to finish one game shy of making to CHSAA's state championship.

Following her time at Eagle Ridge Academy, Amber plays collegiate volleyball at Presentation College in Aberdeen, South Dakota.

Sidney Benson photo

Sidney Benson serving

Sidney Benson photo

Photo credited to St. Francis College

Sidney Benson-St. Francis College

Sidney was honored with 2015 and 2016 Confluence 1st-Team All-Conference (3A) in Brighton, CO. She also was honored by being the 2015 Confluence Player of the Year. During her time at ERA, Sidney would help anchor four consecutive years of CHSAA regional appearances for the Warriors.

Sidney finished her high school career with .390 hitting percentage, 299 blocks, 151 aces, 88 digs, 26 assists, and 471 kills.

Sidney selected a NCAA Division I scholarship to St. Francis College in New York to continue her efforts in collegiate volleyball.

Lexi Cox photo

Photo credited to Peru State College

Alexis "Lexi" Cox-Peru State University

As a Freshman, Lexi won Second-Team All-Conference in the Confluence League. For the next three years, Lexi would receive First-Team All-Conference honors for three consecutive years at Eagle Ridge Academy. By the end of her senior campaign, she was voted as the 2017-2018 Confluence Player of the Year. Additionally, Lexi was nominated for various awards throughout her tenure at ERA. Some include CHSAA and CHSCA nominations at the state level, and Colorado Sportswomen of the Year for three consecutive years.

Lexi competed in the CHSCA All-State game and clicked with her all-star teammates. She won the CHSCA All-State Championship during the Summer of 2018.

Lexi finished her high school career with 256 sets played, 541 kills, .310 hitting percentage, 54 blocks, 387 digs, 198 assists, and 343 aces.

Lexi decided to take her volleyball career to Peru State University in Peru, Nebraska.

Makayla Harris photo
Makayla Harris photo

Makayla Harris-McCook Community College

Makayla garnered two years of all-conference honors through the Confluence League (3A) in Brighton, CO. Her efforts to bounce from hitter, setter, and libero made her a difference maker during her four years at ERA.

Makayla finished her high school career with 219 sets played, 3.1 assists per set, 684 assists, 151 aces, 211 digs, and 138 kills.

Makayla will take her volleyball talents to McCook Community College in McCook, Nebraska. There she will take her first step in collegiate volleyball and look to move foward to a traditional Division-I NCAA volleyball program.