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Photo of Trent Sparks
Photo of Trent Sparks

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Trent Sparks-Doane University

Trent contributed on the varsity basketball program for three consecutive years at Eagle Ridge Academy. It wasn't until his senior year that he was honored with 1st-Team All-Conference Honors and he won the Player of the Year in the Confluence League (3A) Brighton, CO. He was nominated by CHSAA and CHSCA for all-state representation. During his senior year, he also contributed on the baseball team and was known for his hard work, dedication, and meticulous detail.

Trent finished his career averaging 12.8 PPG (663), 3.6 Defensive Rebounds (189), 1.9 Offensive Rebounds (99), 2.1 Assists (108), 2.7 Steals (138), 1.2 Blocks (61). His points total was 663 points with a 37% Field Goal percentage.

Trent will be playing basketball for Doane University in Nebraska.