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Want to play college sports?

Creating an account is the first step to becoming an NCAA student-athlete!

Student-Athletes if you are interested in playing your respective sport in college, please register for the NCAA Eligibility Center. This site will help you navigate your way to play NCAA Division I or Division II athletics.

Below you will find some helpful information as it pertains to NCAA. Also, be sure to talk to your coach regarding NCAA. The flow chart is a great document to review because it will help you to know what you need to do and when.

Students who register for NCAA need to return a transcript release form to their counselor.

If you have any questions regarding NCAA eligibility, please contact Mr. Henning or the counselors for more details.

Thank you!

2018_DII_Requirments_Fact_Sheet_20170103 (2).pdf
NCAA Guidebook for students 2016-17.pdf