Here are some media coverage, interviews I've had, or articles I've contributed to the media recently. Note that from the end of 2020, I stopped listing all media coverage, as it became too time consuming. However, the below lists some key ones - I left some from 2020 on as many of them relate to working from home during/post COVID-19.

Below is a recent panel discussion I had with Femi Oke, Tseday Neely (Harvard Business School), Ranee Soundara on the Great Resignation in the Al Jazeera show The stream.

This is a recent interview with Al Jazeera on the 4 day week, where I discuss why we need to introduce a 4 day week to tackle the societal costs of long hours work post pandemic.

Here is a TED -like- talk on how flexible working can enhance gender equality at home and in the labour market to argue that we need changes in work culture and gender norms to make things work!

Here is a recent interview of me talking about how the covid 19 lockdown may impact gender inequality *my interview starts at the 5:30 mark.

Here is a recent video of me talking about flexible working and the gender pay gap.

Here is a video of me talking about the potential problems of flexible working.




Past media coverage (~2019) click here