Useful software and system descriptions related to pulsar detection.

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Unfortunately a major task for successful pulsar detection is the use of specialised software.  For the professional working at a professional observatory this software is already installed for the most part.  The amateur, however, must set about installing their own set of software and assemble their own processing systems.

Fortunately a lot of good work has been done by amateurs towards this end.  There are a number of solutions available. Which solution is the most appropriate for the reader will depend on the reader's previous experience and preference.

Follow the links below and choose a suitable solution.

Software Links

NOTE: the following links are not necessarily in order of preference - merely alphabetically ordered by the first name of the principal individual associated with the information.

Andrea Dell'Immagine (IW5BHY) : Linux pulsar software for recording and analysis

A step by step guide to receive for the first time the B0329+54 pulsar.

Package produced by Giorgio Dell'Immagine and Andrea Dell‘Immagine, IW5BHY

Summary by Hannes Fasching, OE5JFL oe5jfl(at)

Hannes Fasching (OE5JFL) : Pulsars – How To Detect

This article describes how to detect pulsars using amateur radio EME equipment.

Marcus Leech : pulsar_filterbank

A Gnu Radio flow-graph for producing raw filterbank files from a live SDR It produces 16-bit binary outputs, arranged from lowest to highest frequency in the filterbank output. The code automatically determines suitable filterbank sizes and output rates. A header file is produced that gives the calculated rates, etc.

Mario Natali (I0NAA) : MURMUR

A program that predicts if a receiving set-up is potentially able to detect pulsars. The program has also several other functions to assist in planning observations.  Mario is also developing a program (in beta) that reads the .bestprofile files generated by the PREPFOLD program, calculates the S/N and shows all parameters.

Nando Pellegrini (I1NDP) : B200 System Pulsar Observation Software for the Amateur

The system allows the recording on disk from SDR receivers and transform the output into a format compatible with the “presto/tempo” pulsar search suite. The B200_system was originally designed to be used with the Ettus Research B200mini SDR, but the use of the Airspy has now been added.


Others will be added as they are published and permissions provided.