Challenges for Amateur Pulsar Detection

Before attempting to detect pulsars it is wise to get an idea of the magnitude of the challenges faced by an amateur individual or group.

The information here does not deal with the more fundamental aspects of pulsars - this is left for education by other means.  Google is your friend.  Learn as much as you can about pulsars and make yourself familiar with their characteristics.  Some good places to start are...

There is a lot to learn and some details can be challenging - but that's what makes the subject so interesting.

I recommend the "Handbook of Pulsar Astronomy" by D. Lorimer & M. Kramer as a mandatory companion for learning about pulsars and their detection.  Without an understanding of the basic principles, attempts at detection will be difficult - or worse still, results may be gained that are thought to be valid, but in fact are not.  More on that later.

A synopsis of the "Handbook of Pulsar Astronomy" can be read here.