Summary - Dispersed Transients

Despite obtaining convincing early results using both HawkRAO code and professional analysis applications, wider and more detailed analysis has revealed these to be almost certainly terrestrial RFI.

I am now of the opinion that - as far as HawkRAO observations are concerned - that merely finding dispersed transients with characteristics which closely match those of target cosmic objects is not sufficient evidence of cosmic origin.

Also - the argument that the transient covers a large proportion - or all - of the bandwidth is (IMHO) also not sufficient.

Some Comments on Single Receiver Observations

Professional radio astronomers refer to the danger of single receiver observations - noting that many instances where terrestrial transients have been wrongly assigned to being of cosmic origin.

A presentation made by a leading expert in transient radio astronomy made the following points under the heading...

"How to Tell if FRBs are Real or Not?"

  • Single receiver dishes:
    can’t tell difference between a “Peryton” and an “FRB”

  • Multi-element receivers:
    hopefully multiple-beam detections = microwave
    single beam detections = FRB?

  • Detect with an interferometer:
    ascertains D > Fresnel Scale

  • Detect at two sites at the same time

  • Get one that repeats

Based on my own experience here at HawkRAO I agree 100% with these points.