Descriptive statistics 1O

Descriptive statistics of the people attended to by the Catalan Health Service as a consequence of the police charges on the day of the referendum on self-determination in Catalonia on October 1st 2017

Dra. Núria Pujol-Moix (@npujolmoix)

GroMarch believes that this article is a clear example of how a rigorous analysis of the data allows us to set a reality in front of the attempts to banish some serious events.

It is necessary to remember that two foreign ministers have denied in international media statements the existence of this wounded dealing with allegations as "fake news"

Dastis on the BBC: "Many cases of violence on 1-O were false and the use of force was provoked"

Europa Press - The Generalitat charges against Borrell for its "falsehoods" over the wounded ones of the 1-O

This article allows to establish a new point of view of the facts in front of the interested selection and its fraudulent presentation.