External Links

Massive link to recorded choral music....including Gresley Male Voice Choir


National Association of Choirs

British Choirs on the Net

British Choirs on the Net Chorister Newsletters www.choirs.org.uk/chorister/feb2010.pdf


An extensive Internet site for choral music


Database of Choral Music


"the dream site for choirs and lovers of choral music"

Additionally the following links / sites may be of interest.

ABCD – The Association of British Choral Directors www.abcd.org.uk

Further choral vacancies can be found here

BABS – The British Association of Barbershop Singers www.singbarbershop.com

IFCM – International Federation of Church Music www.choralnet.org

LABBS – The Ladies Association of British Barbershop Singers www.labbs.org.uk

MM – Making Music, the National Federation of Music Societies www.makingmusic.org.uk

RCO – The Royal College of Organists www.rco.org.uk

RSCM – The Royal School of Church Music www.rscm.com

SFP – Sing for Pleasure www.singforpleasure.org.uk

SMA – The Schools Music Association www.schoolsmusic.org.uk

Voices Foundation www.voices.org.uk

TONSIL www.tonsil.org.uk

Voluntary Arts England www.vaengland.org.uk

Incorporated Association of Organists www.iao.org.uk

The Cornish Federation of Male Voice Choirs www.fed-cornishchoirs.org.uk

A Dream site for all choirs www.gerontius.net

Arts Ambassadors - promoting participation in the arts www.voluntaryarts.org

Male Choirs Association (Australia) - www.malechoirsassociation.org.au/