If you want to join one of the Committee, contact us:

Architecture Review Committee (ARC)

The ARC's role is to review the architecture projects submitted by residents, ensure they are aligned with our guidelines and control once the project is completed. Reviews are done electronically or on site with the requester when required.


The budget committee provides oversight and helps ensure the HOA board is following the budget approved by the Association Members. This committee meets every quarter.


The Communication Team is composed of HOA board members to ensure accurate and timely information is provided to homeowners. The team focuses on relaying decisions and key information important to all homeowners and maintaining our communication channels like this website, newsletters or our Gray Eagle Facebook group.

Crime Watch

The Crime Watch coordinators are the relay between the Fishers Police Department and the residents. They communicate on possible security risks in coordination with the Communication team and relay information to the FPD.


The Events Committee's objective is to make our neighborhood welcoming and pleasing to live in. Welcome baskets, Block Party, Christmas decorations... are the main activities.


The landscaping Committee oversees the work of our Landscaping vendor, Brightview. It decides on trees and flowers planting and maintenance, mowing, clean-up, irrigation, monuments lighting and much more.

Neighboring Business

Maybe the busiest committee of all, the neighboring committee establishes relationships with businesses having an impact on our neighborhood, like the Gray Eagle Golf Course or Pyle Pool. They help defend the best interests of our residents.

Snow Removal

Two HOA board members are designated as Snow Captains for the winter season. They provide guidance and oversight of the work done by our snow removal contractor and the plowing done by the City. They consult and coordinate on when plowing, salting or sanding is required.