Animal Rights, Climat Change, Veganism, ,.. All comes back to one thing... LiveLifeLoveEarth .. GODOGOOD

2019 might be your year to start as a Vegan…

But remember.. once you’ve started, you only need to persist and keep it going …

2020 might be the year you can say .. i am a vegan for months now .. you can do it to!


Stijn Gabeler - STIJN.ONLINE is Online Journalist and initiator of VHJ ONLINE / VHJ NEWS / EUIA PRESS / Stichting GODOGOOD.

Ben je Veganist en houd je van wandelen? Wil je helpen wandelingen te organiseren voor Veganisten? zie VDDWC - HELP MEE

Filming sunrises or sunsets is part of a daily hobby ...

Watching movies and making short video's is also a daily activity,.

On you can track&trace the latest location of the initiator ..

Stijn is Vegan since 8-8-2018 (Vegetarian since 8-8-2008).