My idea is to create a docufilm befor 2020 about 5 to 6 people around the world being vegan and doing yoga.

You can be one of the people doing Yoga and being a Veganist. Share some content with us on the VeganYogaPeople Facebook group.

I am searching for 5 to 6 people now who are willing and able to work with me on this docu-film.

I could select from the VeganYogaPeople group a few people and ask them if i can visit them and film their life.

But i am also looking for sponsors, volunteers and people who are able to help me to write this projectplan.

I hope you are able to think about this to make it work, so i can film 5 to 6 VeganYogaPeople their lifestyle.

Do you want to help me to find 5 to 6 other people who are able to join this docufilm?

The idea is to get them together in a YogaFestival befor 2020 and share our thoughts. .. see more at ...