GODOGOOD started in 1999 to inspire people to do good. The concept was to help charity and create a platform and network for people who want to go and do good.

The idea was initiated by Stijn Gabeler on 18 October 1999, Since 2012 Go Do Good became a charitable organisation. World wide people understood to use the hastag : #GODOGOOD and online it became easier to find productions related to the GO DO GOOD concept. Globally people can go & do good by sharing their stories and helping other people.

Since the initiator became a vegetarian in 2008 and vegan in 2018 >> The concept shifted to focus on a better world campaign. Also the climatechange and covid made the change.

Nowadays  << @GODOGOOD is focussing on a journalistic approach towards all things possible to save the earth, rescue animals and help people to live a better life.

Since 2021 the concept : Schrijfsessies / WritingSessions >> became a new focus to write more about the daily things in life. / Also see : VeganReporters


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GODOGOOD initiator Stijn Gabeler has been on a mission since 1999

and with the help of generous supporters, the work is still in progress every day.

GODOGOOD : is a non-profit organization bringing innovations online, connects people, creates online publictions 

and is open to work with people all over the world.

Our mission: 

To connect and support people from all over the world, 

giving anything we can to prove how unstoppable we are when we work together.


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