GODOGOOD on Bluestacks at Laptop, 2nd presentation

Stijn Gabeler is the initiator of GODOGOOD.

about : Stijn Gabeler -


Stijn Gabeler, aka Constantijn Gabeler,

was born in Alkmaar -

The Netherlands on the 5th of August 1977.

see the Resumé about Stijn

After leaving school and being a few years in sales,

Stijn decided to work on online productions

\for charitable organisations.

On 18-10-1999 the first domain was registrated

and hosted on an ftp site.

Stijn Gabeler is the initiator of


the name ,,GODOGOOD" since 1999

by registrating a few domains.

The first domain was the .com,

after a few years 11 domains with the name GODOGOOD

where hosted by Stichting GODOGOOD,

because of efficIëncy and cost effectiveness,

the dccission was made in 2015 to reduce the domains

to only 3,

.nl, .org and .com

between 2014 and 2016 Stijn registrated new domains,..

see the old list of domains (not available anymore)

On october 2017 Stijn decided to focus on only 1 domain.


Stijn lived in Alkmaar,

Hilversum, and later in Breda,

Rotterdam, Hilversum again,

Utrecht, Zaandam, Almere and

on his 30th in the year 2007 he came back in Alkmaar.

There Stijn moved 3 times .. (now actual address on the site)

Worked as a cameraman,

scenariowriter and video-editor,

created productions for regio TV in Rotterdam

and supported filmsets as a runner, production-assistant.

about the old domains

Since 2015 Stijn started the domains

Filmchores.com and WhoWhereWhat.TV

For the Dutch people :

Filmklusjes.nl and WieWaarWat.TV

and PraatNederlands.nl

Stijn loves to cycle, watch movies

at the cinema's and work on journalistic productions.

Hopes and dreams are focussing on

making international productions,

Futuristic goals?

Becoming a Vegan,

Learning to practive more meditation and yoga

Swim, Cycle and walk and run for fun.

Listening to music is also a big hobby.

Sometimes Stijn even writes a song on a guitar

or piano by using simple chords and improvising a songtext.

Stijn blogs, vlogs, writes about his meetups and events,

connects to anyone who is interested to work together

and is open for anyone to join his new concept and platform

: EUIA PRESS ... read more about this journalistic platform online at : https://sites.google.com/site/euiapress/