Strategic HRBP

Strategic HRBP

An HR professional who interfaces with the business, providing human capital solutions to enable the organization to implement its strategy and achieve business and organizational goals

The emerging requirement for HR professionals is to act as true Business Partners to the organization. To meet this requirement, HRBPs need to act as consultants with their internal customers and work with them to build an organization that can win in the marketplace

The series of workshops will help you to:

  • Develop skills to be a valued consulting partner within your business

  • Keep pace with HR best practice in Japan and internationally

  • Learn and network with the best in the field

Who is this program for?

The workshop is for HR Managers, HR Business Partners and anyone looking to move to an HRBP role in future.

The workshops are available in both English and Japanese

Program Overview

  1. The role of a strategic HR Business Partner

  • What business leaders expect from their HR Business Partners

  • Role of the Strategic HRBP

  1. Competencies needed to be a successful Strategic HRBP

  • The skills, knowledge and capabilities required

  • Competency self-assessment

  1. Developing business acumen

  • Understanding company performance through the vision, strategy, objectives and results

  • Conducting a SWOT analysis

  • Linking the HR Strategy to Company Strategy

  1. Conducting a full organizational analysis

  • HR data analysis – understanding business issues through HR data

  • HRBP interviews – interviewing internal customers to understand the needs of the business

  • Developing HR interventions to address uncovered needs

  1. Influencing the business

  • Presenting HR solutions that meet the true needs of the business

  1. Personal development plan

  • Creating a personal action plan to develop Strategic HRBP skills and competencies

Program Brochure (PDF)