Global Leadership Program


Our global leadership program combines assessments, surveys, seminars, workshops and coaching into one complete leadership solution. Practical, actionable concepts covered in the program are fully incorporated in the measurement and assessments tools, resulting in a fully-integrated program with measurable outcomes. This program will directly support the creation of a highly engaged and high performing organization that achieves extraordinary results.

  • Employee Engagement survey questions can be tailored to measure leadership at an organizational level.

  • Profiling and 360 Feedback tools form the basis of individual leadership assessment.

  • Integrated Leadership Seminar, combines Self-Leadership, Business-Leadership and People Leadership,

  • Can be replicated throughout the organization in Leadership workshops, which means that both Organizational Leadership Development and Individual Leadership Coaching are based on the same principles.

Who is this program for?

Designed for next generation leaders, department managers, team leaders, and leaders of business units.

This program is particularly helpful for the next generation of leaders in preparation for future leadership roles.

The program can be delivered in either Japanese or English

Program Overview

The Global Leadership workshop will enable participants to become a “Global Leader” by:

Learning the key elements of Global Leadership: Self, People and Business Leadership.

Identifying their leadership focus, with strengths/weaknesses.

Clarifying and communicating their fundamental values and beliefs.

Learning how to align actions and shared values.

Inspiring others to share a common vision.

Translating vision/strategy into action.

Building collaboration, team-work and trust.

Recognizing the accomplishments of others.

Developing fundamental coaching skills.

Receiving feedback from colleagues and subordinates through the Global Leadership 360 survey tool.

Program Brochure (PDF)