Dear Google Infused Classroom Friends!

We are so honored and excited that you have taken the time to continue your learning with us! Like you, we are always looking for ways we can help students amplify their own learning and to make their thinking and understanding visible. We believe that students (and educators) are lucky to be teaching in this day and age because we are living in the middle of an information revolution. We now have access to information never before seen in human history. With this ubiquitous access comes the ability to transform the learning landscape and to give students opportunities to collaboratively learn and to create experiences where students become explorers and creators - not just consumers of information.

Are You Ready To Start?

As you read, start with the book study questions. Then to amplify your own learning experience, try some of the challenges to deepen your understanding of the tools - and to make your own thinking and learning visible. We will be watching all the responses in both sections and responding to your learning!

We are excited you are taking this journey with us. This site will provide you with:

  • Thought-provoking Questions to Consider as you read through the book
  • Continue the Learning Segments to get you working with the materials
  • Share Your Work Activities so you can collaborate with other teachers from around the world trying to transform their learning landscapes as well.

We have been intentional in crafting a resource that will help empower your teaching using simple and effective strategies. Choose to do one of them or are in charge of your own learning experience.

This book study will support you as you dive deeper into how you can transform your teaching in a technology infused classroom. We hope you will use this resource to make goals, reflect on the process, and really begin rethinking learning in the classroom.

We encourage you to reach out on twitter with question and to share your success.

Stay in Contact!