Nano-Magnetism & Spin Waves: Collaborations

A tight collaboration was established with other national and international groups among which:

  • The group at University of Ferrara (Giovannini, Montoncello, Bisero), concerning the theory of Brillouin scattering, vectorial - MOKE, Atomic Force Microscopy.

  • The group at University of Florence and IEQ-CNR (Politi, Rettori, Pini), concerning the theory of thin film magnetism.

  • The group of Dr M. Kostylev at University of Western Australia , concerning exchange-bisased magnetic systems, ultrathin films and artificial magnonic crystals.

  • The groups at TASC-INFM Trieste: LILIT, ALOISA and APE beamlines.

  • The group of Prof. T. Ono at Kyoto University (Japan) concerning the fabrication of ordered arrays of magnetic nanoelements by e-beam lithography and their characterization.

  • The group of Prof. O. Adeyeye, at Information Storage Materials Laboratory Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, National University of Singapore, concerning the fabrication of planar and layererd magnonic crystlas by e-beam and UV lithography .

  • The group of Prof. A Slavin at Rochester University (USA), concerning the theoretical modellization of spin waves in confined systems.

  • The group of Prof. M. Marangolo at Universitè Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris 6 (France), concerning the preparation and the study of epitaxial ultrathin magnetic films on semiconductor substrates.

  • The group of nanolithography (A. Gerardino) at Istituto di Fotonica e Nanostrutture (IFN)-CNR, Rome.