Youth Ministry

Wonderful Wednesday

Wonderful Wednesday started on Wednesday, September 5,2018 and will go through end of April. This year there will be an opportunity for youth to join the "Youth on the Move" group and perform skits for worship, songs, and bell ringing from 6:00-6:30 p.m. Youth on the Move is led by Jan Hankinson and Janet Heim.

Other opportunities will be helping with Preschool and Elementary Bible study or being a kitchen cleanup helper.

The group will also do Mission projects and Bible Study from 6:30-7:15 pm. This year we will start with a 4 week Bible study called "Back to School Essentials" Bible study is led by Leslie West, Tammy Robinson, and Wayne Leonard.

Assembly line filling school bags.

Crayons, scissors, erasers and more!

Janet, chairperson of missions committee counts bags.

More than 200 kits were assembled.

Sorting supplies for school kits.

Filling school bags with supplies.

Making fishing and sewing kits for shoe-box missions.

Putting holes in corks for fishing kits.

Making popcorn.

Sorting caramel corn to be sold for fundraiser for summer mission trip.

Boxes of clothing and shoes for men, women, children, plus material are placed in Janet's van which will be taken to Columbia. Most clothing will be sent to Nicaragua.