• Be sure to meet with your principal and board to discuss any fundraising ideas.
  • Anything your organization does must be approved by both principal and Board.
  • One important question to ask your principal is where do they want your organization to focus. In the state of GA every principal is completely in charge of their school and many have different ideas as how to best utilize their PTO/PTA. Asking this question early on will help your principal know you all are there to help support the children in their school; it puts you all on the “same side of the table” and builds trust.
  • Try to coordinate with feeder schools so you’re not overlapping too many things, esp product sales
  • Will you accept credit cards/online donations, what platform; how will you deal with fees;
  • Be sure to have FREE/non fundraising Events so it doesn’t feel like you only fundraise – Great example is Talent Shows, Art Shows… anything showcasing the kids should be free. (Unless its an event you’ve all agreed)


  • As long as you are a 501(c)3 create a tax-deductible form (handout)
  • Key Points: Tax ID info, statement, space for money and/or goods and services donated
  • Keep Data on Memberships, Donors
  • Be sure your Organization website has tax-deductible ID and forms people can print off



  • What Levels
  • Gifts per level
  • Check with your school about adding memberships to My Payments Plus


  • Corporate Matching
  • Local Business Donations
  • Take tax deductible form and Info sheet on where money will be spent, promotion of their business that your school will do, like a Sponsor Wall or in a program if there is a specific event
  • Ask for business owners at the school to make donations
  • Ask if they will make it an Annual Contribution – you and set up reminders on calendar for next Board
  • Build your Volunteer List – Volunteers consistently donate because they see where the money goes and understand the amount of work it takes to do anything for the kids


  • Cookie doughs, popcorn, flowers, flower bulbs, Christmas trees, mattress sales
  • Interesting Gift Ideas – you can work with a local promotions company for different ideas


  • Local restaurant fundraiser: Chipotle, City BBQ, Indian restaurants, Pizza places
  • Trivia Tournament
  • Pancake Breakfast
  • Walkathons, BikeAthons, Fun Runs
  • Raffles or Auctions
    • Theme Baskets
    • Travel (if you happen to have any contacts that will donate all or part)