Impressions is a PTO Fine arts contest open to grades K-12

2018/19 Theme: Favorite Place

County Chair: Shylaja P.

Dates for 2018/19

Dec 6, 2018 All School winners to the County

January 2019 County Gallery, location TBS - looking for a school to host the event

The Impressions Art Contest is a Fine Arts contest fro grades K-12. Students create art work with a theme, this year's theme is "Favorite Place" Students can create artwork in visual arts, photography, literature, music composition, film, and dance.

First, Second, and third place for each grade and category are then sent to the county gallery. School winners items are due to the county by Dec 6th. We will be having a county wide Gallery night in January.

The cost for a school to participate to cover administrative costs is $50. PLEASE FILL OUT FORM IF PARTICIPATING

Impressions Guide For Schools

Impressions Guide For Schools

Entery Form - Customize For your school choose the Categories you want to offer

Impressions Entry Form



Impressions Judges Instructions

Score Card

Impressions Judges Score Card