Honoring Our Heroes

Honoring Our Heroes is a writing contest developed in 1995 by the Eastern Cobb County Council of PTAs. The program was designed to encourage students to discover “real life” heroes who have shown generosity, trust, persistence, dedication, leadership, creativity, caring, bravery, imagination, service, gentleness, courage, or compassion. The creators of the program wanted students to redefine the heroes they saw portrayed in the media — cartoon characters, professional athletes, rock stars, etc. — and instead recognize the true heroes in their lives. This year, we’d like our students to choose the hero of their choice - teachers, doctors, policemen, coaches, parents, siblings and anyone else that has made a real and positive impact on a student’s life.

Contest in the Spring of 2020

See below for a quick synopsis on this essay writing contest.

Entries are limited to ONE 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper. The student may use both sides of the paper. Entries may be handwritten or typed. Entries will be judged based on content, not grammar or penmanship, but please be mindful to do your best work. Pictures drawn by the student may be included as part of essay, but they will be judged based on content, not artistic ability. Each school is allowed to submit one winner from each grade level. All grade level winners will be printed in book.

Winners for 2020

Big Creek Elementary

K Tyler Barnaby

1st Adhya Ranjan

2nd Sriya Ameya Panchangam

3rd Misha Patel

4th Anna Mullin

5th Akshar Prasad Tamhankar

Daves Creek Elementary

K Aubrey Stewart

1st Ananya Samtani

2nd Dishan Gheewala

3rd Gabrielle Moldonado

4th McKenzie Kim

5th Sarika Jarugumilli

Kelly Mill Elementary

K Charlee Kilbane

1st Knox Byler

2nd Copelyn Fedorchuk

3rd Shreyansy Agarwal

4th Isabella Gucer

5th Elizabeth Bare

Sawnee Elementary

K Parker Kitchens

1st Ryne Buffum

2nd Steven Brody Morgan

3rd Gabriel Forbes

4th Tyhler Rowe

Settle Bridge Elementary

K Adriel Jeanison

1st Avyukta Nidumukkala

2nd Shreeya Sudharsham

3rd Avery Lohman

4th Rushi Bansal

5th Shreya Jadhav

Shiloh Point Elementary

K Vasudev Keshav Sri

1st Shreevan Kotichitnala

2nd Giabella Kent

3rd Tanav Nagireddy

4th Mansavi Kondamudi