Project Lulu is intended to expand the accessibility of the Little Lulu Anime to English-speaking audiences. The two main goals of this project include: translating the remaining 20 episodes of the anime and acquiring the 1995 Italian dub.

Although we have eight English-dubbed episodes that are readily available for the public to watch, the rest of the series can only be seen in foreign languages. This barrier keeps a wide audience of English-speakers from enjoying the rest of this forgotten anime. It is quite unfortunate that it has been this way for such a long time, but I believe now is the perfect time to give this show a second chance by the course of fansubbing. 

The chances of the Little Lulu anime seeing a resurgence nowadays is very slim, as ZIV International has been defunct for 4 decades by now, with the rights of many titles being handed over to different companies over the years. Currently, the whole series is available in Arabic and Spanish, with episodes 7 to 26 open to being subtitled. Foreign songs are also available to be translated and subtitled, but priority goes for the episodes themselves. 

Even if you are primarily an English speaker, the first six English dubbed episodes can use English subtitles as well! 

Here are the episodes that have been translated so far: 

If you are interested in becoming a translator volunteer, please use the contact form!

UPDATE (5/10/2021): The complete series of the 1995 dub is now in our possession, now available to watch on YouTube

Alongside with translating, we are in need of saving the 1995 Italian dub. User Emozioni Ritrovate has been open for selling a complete series set (since March 2020). The 1995 Italian dub dub has been shown to provide a high quality resolution for all 26 episodes. 

This dub will bring along a new audience, as well as a chance to bring better video for the rest of the foreign versions of the show. Subtitling will be open in Italian, of course (along with Arabic and Spanish). 

A purchase of this set would be quite incredible to see, if you can donate this to our website. It'll be a big help! We are not sure how long this offer will be up, so the possibility of this chance going away could be possible in the future. The video from Emozioni Ritrovate's channel can be found right here. Again, please use the contact form as well. 

It's alright if you aren't particularly interested, spreading awareness of this dub would be most appreciated. 

One last thing... feel free to contact us if you would like to share anything related to the Little Lulu anime: whether it is new information, nostalgic memories/stories, or art of your own. We're eager to hear from you!

Thank you very much for reading!