By ChozinFellers

Updated on January 14, 2022. Originally posted on June 26, 2020.

Sweden received double-feature releases on VHS and Betamax, consistently featuring Little Lulu and Fables of the Green Forest. Each tape contained one episode from each series. Two companies, Svenska Walters Video and Mac Video, brought these tapes to the marketplace. [1] At least four tapes are identified. The tapes were not released in episode order, but rather in random selection.

Only one episode of the Swedish dub has been uploaded online. 

The entirety of the VHS (cut into 2 parts) was uploaded on Youtube by ‘Muppet’ on December 16, 2014. The opening and closing has a higher pitched version of the English theme song. The original video was reuploaded on ChozinFellers' channel. 


1) Little Lulu / Fables of the Green Forest (Lilla Lotta / Djuren I Gröna Skogen)