In the early 1980s, video company “Toppic” released the first six episodes of the Little Lulu anime onto cassette. Each tape only contains a single episode. Another video company, “Corona” released their own cassettes, hosting only the first two episodes of the show; again having a single episode per tape. Only the first six episodes have been released on VHS. The German dub is currently lost media. 

*Special thanks to Zeichentrickserien.de for providing higher-quality photos of the German VHS covers.*

Disclaimer: Some of the translated titles may not be 100% accurate. 


1) Little Lulu - The Good Deed (Die gute Tat) 

2) Little Lulu - Babysitter for Tubby (Babysitter für Tubby) 

3) Little Lulu - The New Clubhouse (Das neue Clubhaus)

4) Little Lulu - Survival Training (Das Überlebenstraining) 

5) Little Lulu - Save the Prisoners (Rettet die Gefangenen)

6) Little Lulu - Little Fireman (Kleiner Feuerwehrmann) 

Note #1: According to the Zeichentrickserien website, there was another German VHS release containing the first 4 episodes in one. Unfortunately, there is no image available to prove of its existence. 

Note #2: Toppic's VHS release of Episode 6 includes an age rating sticker on the spine while the VHS release of Episode 2 doesn't include one. All of these tapes came out before the German age rating system was required for home video in 1985. The sticker on the Episode 6 possibly was placed afterwards.

Higher quality images (brought by Zeichentrickserien.de):

A few German VHS releases below use the style of the anime on their front covers, however; these do not include episodes from the show. Instead, these tapes contain the 1940s Paramount/Famous Studios shorts. 

7) Little Lulu 1