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Last updated on 2/26/2023

Little Lulu, one of the most popular comic characters of the Golden Age, received several animated adaptations in the 20th century. While many fondly remember her from the original comics and in the Candian animated series, few would recognize her short-lived anime from Japan. This website is solely devoted to Nippon Animation’s Little Lulu series, from its history to multi-language information. More sections will be uncovered over time, so check back for updates and blog posts! Take a look at Project Lulu as well. 

The 'Language Info' and 'Episode Index' sections of this website took a lot of research and endeavor to create. Hopefully you will find this as plentiful of material that you may have never seen before. I've provided an image gallery practically for almost every item on the 'Language Info' section. Enjoy your stay!


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