Wednesday: 4/12/2017

  • Updated the Create Assignment with Google Classroom dialog to fix drop-down overlapping
  • Updated sharing functionality
    • Fixed bug where no rubrics would show up if you put in an email address or code

Tuesday: 3/28/2017

  • Added the ability to archive and un-archive rubrics.
    • Rubrics can be archived in the "Create & Edit" tab of the Rubric Manager
    • Rubrics can be un-archived in the "Select" tab of the Rubric Manager
  • Updated the Create Assignment with Google Classroom dialog to fix display bugs
    • Updated bottom icons
    • Fixed overlapping attachments
  • Remove multi-language support as it was not fully implemented

Monday: 12/19/2016

  • Updated draft saving feature
    • Fixed bug where slashes in file name created extra folders
    • Changed location of draft saving to be in a folder with the name of the doc if specified in the "Drafts" folder
    • Added versioning to draft names (ie v1, v2..)
    • Autocomplete search when searching for drafts folder in review and grade tabs
  • Google Classroom Integration
    • Gets list of courses owned by your teacher account
    • Created new dialog that matches the one in Google Classroom for creating new assignments
    • Added a File Picker that lets you:
      • File from Google Drive
      • File from your Computer
      • Link Youtube Video
      • Add a Hyperlink
    • Error checking for all of the fields with feedback showing the user what they're missing
  • Fixed issue of displaying multiple rubrics at the bottom of a Doc, will now only show the one you selected
  • Moved the "Add feedback" button for audio and text comments when reviewing for clarity

Friday: 10/14/2016

  • Rubric preview is now in the correct order
  • Loading icon no longer stays present while feedback is hidden
  • Grade sheet is now formatted differently
    • The date is now in the left most column
    • Grades are now center aligned for better readability
  • Rubric should now appear on the end of the document when it is attached
  • When grading an assignment for the first time, the link to the grade sheet will now be shown
  • Users can now save a non-editable PDF copy of the document with the rubric and grades attached

To see the changes in more depth click here.