To show the Grading Sidebar, navigate to Add-ons > docASSIST > Teacher > Grade in the toolbar at the top of the document.

A score may be entered for each of the categories of the rubric that is attached to the document. If no value is entered, the default score is 0 for that category.

You can specify what spreadsheet to save the grade into inside of the Gradesheet Name text field.

Your last used Gradesheet is saved in the Gradesheet Name text field for your convenience when grading.

If you are a Google Classroom Teacher you will see a section for sending grades to Google Classroom.

You will be able to select which class, assignment and student to send the grade to. docASSIST will remember which class and assignment you last sent a grade to and autofill those fields for the next time.

When you click the Grade button the score will be added to the end of the document in a table.

When the Grade button is pushed, a separate spreadsheet is created with the name that is in the Gradesheet Name text field.

This spreadsheet can be found inside of your Google drive's My Drive > docASSIST > Gradesheet.

Note: It is important that if you change rubrics you should start a new Gradesheet or else the formatting of the spreadsheet will be incorrect.