Create & Edit

In this tab you can create new rubrics from scratch or edit existing rubrics.

Creating a Rubric

Rubrics are divided up into categories, so to create a new category scroll down to the bottom of the window and enter a name for the category (for example: "Thesis & Claim") and then the "Add" button.

Once you have a new category, you'll see 5 things: a hyphen in brackets like this: [-], a remove button, a color box, a textbox with the name of the category, and on the next line a plus (+) button.

    • Clicking on the hyphen will hide all of the sub-categories to make the interface easier to read and have less clutter
    • Clicking on "Remove" will delete this category from the rubric (and all sub-categories)
    • Clicking on the color box opens a color picker which is the color used to highlight parts of the Student's Document regarding this category
    • The text box with the name of the category allows you to type and rename the category
    • Clicking on the plus (+) button will allow you to create sub-categories which is explained below

If you wish to add sub-categories, click on the plus button and it will add a new sub-category field. This will have 3 new options: an (X) button, a checkbox for requiring explanation, and a text field with the name of the sub-category.

    • Clicking the (X) button will delete this sub-category
    • Checking the box "Requires Explanation" means that the student must explain how they resolved the issue marked by this sub-category
    • The text box with the name of the sub-category allows you to type and rename the sub-category

Once you are satisfied, simply click Save at the bottom and you should see your new rubric in the Select tab.

Editing a Rubric

To edit an existing rubric, simply load one of your rubrics from the drop-down box high-lighted below:

Simply go through the same steps as "Creating a Rubric" to make any changes and click Save at the bottom.