Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions by docASSIST users. If you have any questions at for us, refer to the Providing Feedback page for how to contact us!

How come the undo keyboard shortcut doesn't work properly?

    • Unfortunately using ctrl + z is not supported by docASSIST and can cause comments to go missing.
    • If you do happen do use ctrl + z to undo on accident, the comment can be deleted still if you know what number comment it was.

How do I report an issue with docASSIST?

    • On a google doc that has docASSIST enabled on it. Navigate to Add-Ons > docASSIST > Help and click 'Report an Issue'.
    • You can also email for additional help.
    • For more information, see the Providing Feedback page

How do I delete a rubric once I've created one?

    • docASSIST uses an archive feature as a way to remove unwanted rubrics. See the Archiving page for more information
    • You can also edit a rubric at any time through the Rubric Manager in case of any errors or future adjustments to the rubric.

What is the maximum limit on rubrics?

    • The maximum supported limit is very high, but we do not know the exact qualifications and it is not likely the average user would run into it.
    • Should you run into this issue, please contact us so we may help address the problem.

Why did my audio feedback not save and get added to the document?

    • You need to select the "Add Feedback" button in the Custom Feedback section of the sidebar in order for your audio feedback to saved.
    • The audio feedback is also not supported on the browsers IE, Safari, and older versions of Firefox/Chrome.