Reporting an Issue & Contacting Us

Reporting Issues within docASSIST

From the drop-down menu of your Google Doc add-ons, select docASSIST and click on the "Help" option.

Click on the button "Report an Issue"

Now simply fill in the box describing in as much detail as possible the issue you are currently having, or any ideas you have to improve docASSIST. This will be sent to the docASSIST team who will review your feedback and if you check the box to include your name, someone from the docASSIST team will be in contact with you to help resolve any issues you are having.

Note: By default the emails will be sent to us anonymously, so if you would like to include your email so we can contact you back please check the box as shown below:

Once you are satisfied, simply click the "Send" button.

Contacting the Team

If you have any questions or other concerns about docASSIST you can email us directly at: