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Your website is an extension of your physical space.

Walk into any great business, and you'll be welcomed warmly. Introductions will be made. You'll be shown around. You'll generally be made to feel at home.

It makes sense to treat your online guests with the same level of hospitality that you'd treat them with if they walked through your door.

When guests visit online:

    1. Let them know you're glad to see them.
    2. Make introductions and tell them a little about yourself.
    3. Show them around.
    4. Help them feel at home.
    5. Make a great impression.

1) Let guests know you're glad to see them.

Every guest who walks through your door is unique and has a different reason for visiting. The same is true for your website.

Visit your site from the perspective of different types of guests, and ask these questions:

  • When your guests arrive, do they feel welcome?
  • Is everything in good order, or are things cluttered, confusing, and chaotic?
  • Does your site meet or exceed their expectations?

Win your guests over. Consider ways you can ensure that every guest has an excellent experience. Pull together a weekly, monthly, and yearly maintenance plan to make sure your site stays fresh, clean, and relevant.

2) Make introductions and tell them a little about yourself.

Most people who want to know more about you probably just want to see your friendly face, learn a little about your expertise, and hear a little bit about your story.

  • Present bio info in a way that provides a warm, friendly introduction.
  • Provide a preferred way for guests to connect.
  • Guests might be interested in seeing good reviews about you. Provide links if you can.

Beyond introductions, your emphasis should be primarily on what you and your expertise can do for your guest.

3) Show them around.

Make sure your guests know where to find everything they need.

  • You offer services your guests need to know about. Take the time to find creative ways of letting them know about them without overwhelming with too much info.
  • Be generous with details. Make sure to cover the standards: who, what, when, how, why.
  • Make sure guests know about upcoming events.

4) Help them feel at home.

Find creative ways to delight your guests.

  • Add unexpected extras to your site.
  • Introduce guests to a new, interesting person or idea.
  • Be attentive and available when your guests need you.
  • Build trust by keeping your word. If you make a promise, keep it.
  • Ask for feedback and incorporate as necessary.

5) Make a great impression.

A great impression takes continuous planning, persistence, and a commitment to going above and beyond. It takes time, and energy, and research. And it pays off. It's worth the effort.

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