Liz B. Baker, Chief Digital Strategist

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Liz B. Baker is an expert digital strategist, digital content expert, and brand builder focused on user-centered design and inbound marketing.

She has spent over 15 years creating digital and business strategies for companies and non-profits of all sizes...from Fortune 100s to small businesses and organizations.

Liz founded Express Optimization as a way to help overwhelmed businesses improve their digital strategies quickly. She believes that all digital properties have "low hanging fruit"...opportunities for improvement that can be accomplished as soon as today with potentially big impacts.

She is user-centered/customer-centered and says, "I was doing inbound marketing before it was called inbound marketing." She is a true believer and evangelist for the methodology, and is eager to help companies discover untapped potential by applying inbound principles to their digital strategy. She is also a relentless pursuer of incremental and continuous optimization.

Liz follows the thinking of creative evangelists like Daniel Pink and is a firm believer that creative/intuitive digital strategists will eventually rule the business world...or at least help companies find and solve gaps in their user experience and build lasting relationships with their customers.

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