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True story:

A local company is losing customers. Their current marketing is outdated and is no longer relevant. They're losing money, too, and their marketing efforts now have a feel of desperation. They need fresh ideas and a fresh approach.

But when recommendations were made about how to make immediate improvements to get the focus back on the customer and back on success, senior staff shrunk back. Why? Because they were afraid to step on the toes of their long term friend and co-worker in charge of marketing.

He's still doing it the old way, and the company is suffering because of it, but the senior staff would rather let the company continue to fail than to hurt the feelings of their co-worker.

What's the solution?

I'd recommend that the senior staff find opportunities to inspire and equip their current marketing leader.

  • Send him to an inbound marketing conference.
  • Ask him to speak at a local marketing meeting.
  • Ask him to host a small "latest marketing methods" class so that he can train the rest of the company on the latest methods.
  • Ask him to be the thought leader.

And if he's not up for it?

It's time to find a new marketing leader. Drastic?

Think about what's at risk if things don't change.

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