In an effort to be accessible we are trialling transcribing our podcasts, each of our episodes are available here, if you have any feedback please drop us a line on Twitter, thanks

Episode 1 - The big return Hollie and Sammy

Episode 2 - Engaging from the beginning

Episode 3 - ‘ I want learners to tell their story’ - Maths (with @MarsMaths)

Episode 4 - Empathy & Emotions in the English Classroom - With Pamela Dale

Episode 5 - Research, mastery and the Thinking Environment in maths with Katheryn Cockerton

Episode 6 - Is Functional Skills English inclusive of all its audiences? With Steph Guilford

Episode 7 - Don't embed maths, enhance your maths! With Julia Smith

Episode 8 - Addressing cultural poverty through writing with Josh Spears

Episode 9 - Pizza is always the answer - with Emma Bell - Make maths meaningful and fun!

Episode 10 - "FE more than anywhere more about relationships than any other sector" - Jonny Kay

Episode 11 - Hollie & Sammy

Episode 12 - "English is about expressing yourself"...with Karen Gowlett

Episode 13 - What's Cooking with James from Maths Kitchen

Episode 14 - The value and importance of critical thinking - with Paul D