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All services are customized and conducted remotely,  meeting your specific schedule, abilities, interests, and needs.

Tech Purchasing Assistance for Computer and Home Theater Equipment

Systems Management Remote Services

"Whenever I’ve run into a problem that requires help, Vincent has been a phone call away in helping me find a solution.  I’m 78 and not acquainted with PCs until recently.  Without his help, I never would have learned. "

Shirley Haralson

Long Beach, CA

"I learned how to use my computer effectively, and with very low frustration levels, which was NOT the case when I started.  He set up all my key software...[and taught me]  how to manage and organize my files, and never loose files again! "


Houston, TX 

"I have been so happy with my recent computer tutorials with Vincent.  He has helped me make my computer a much more useful tool in my life in a short time.  AS a previous JPL (Pasadena, CA)  computer guy, he knows what I don’t know.  And as I am an older, and not very computer savvy person, he is changing that.  I highly recommend him."

Elle Patton, Kansas

"I purchased a computer with Vincent from el Consulting, and in doing this, he walked me through the complete setup. Over several months he then tutored me  on how to create personal folders and their associated files for bills, pictures, and programs ..."

Gloria Lelonek,  Minnesota

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 Learn to use your PC effortlessly and Wisely!  

Whether you're new to personal computers (Microsoft Windows based PCs only) or have more advanced skills, using a computer efficiently can help improve how you manage your pictures, deal more easily with overall computer usage, more efficiently use  the main MS Office tools, manage your personal finances for those that desire such, and communicate more effectively online with the various browsers.   Equally important, we show you how to make sure that your computer is running at optimal performance and leverages the latest security applications to ward off viruses and malware and other harmful applications from infecting your system.  Learn to use your computer freely, more effectively, and not be afraid of it!  

At el Consulting, LLC (hereafter referred to as "el Consulting"), we provide Windows based PC online tutoring and services to help with both your PC productivity and your  PC's performance as well. This service is highly geared to your personal needs and your specific  level of computer knowledge. The goal of this service is to get you to a point where you have learned enough to become self-sufficient. Depending on your level of expertise and willingness to have tutoring sessions, this may take anywhere from about 3-4 months to 12-18 months for those who are pretty green with the computer, or have very limited computer understanding and knowledge.. We also provide tech purchasing assistance for computer hardware (laptops, desktops, printers, USB storage, etc.) and assistance home theater related equipment. We have setup and assisted several clients with the purchase of home theater systems. All of this service is provided online, which is accomplished with Remote Access software (allows me onto your computer as if I were there with you), and Skype for face to face communication. Of course, the Skype video can always be turned off, so the connection is just an audio one. Also, if need be, we can chat via cell phone as well. The Remote Access software is totally controlled with pass codes and your acknowledgement, keeping it completely safe and under your control.

With technology constantly changing,  we can help you stay up-to-date.  We can ensure that your PC keeps performing at peak performance, and that you're taking advantage of modern technology - from entertainment to personal productivity.   All services are individualized to meet your needs.  el Consulting is a USA based company.

Please note that throughout this entire website, references to any of the Microsoft products use the 'MS' in front of the product name for simplicity. For example, Microsoft Word is referenced as 'MS Word', and so on.