50% off SALE!

This is your opportunity to buy original Resin Art at super discounted prices.

These artworks are beautiful but just haven't found their forever home yet and so rather than continue storing them they are available to purchase at half price. You read it right.... HALF price.

Shipping is extra and you will only be charged for the actual charge of shippping or of course you can collect if you are in Perth.

To purchase just contact me by email and I will let you know your payment options.

Contact: peta@eatlovepaint.com

La Femme

600mm Round Cradled Artists Board was $490 now $390

Luxuriously feminine with swirls of metalic pink, silver and turquoise this is perfect to enhance a soft palette ina room for relaxing. Perfect high gloss finish there are so many interesting effects to see you will never get bored.

Green Gold

40cm Round cradled art board


Summer Day

40cm Round Cradled Art Board $190

reduced to $90 *on Sale!

Jupiter -

40cm round resin art board $150

reduced to $95 Sale!

Blue on blue on turquoise with a touch of pink and amber. This painting shines and sparkles and is endlessly deep and facinating. A stunning painting for blue lovers.

Available at The Arisan Store Margaret River


45cm square resin art board $250

reduced to $125 Sale

Cream, grey with tonal pinks and highlights of copper, this artwork is super pretty and will brighten any room. You'll love it!


60cm Round Cradled MDF Art Board $390

Reduced $290 SALE!

Available at Margaret River Artisan Store


60cm Round was $490 now $390 SOLD!

Andalucia WAS $450 NOW $225


Tropic Reduced to $190


Crazy For You

45cm square resin art board $250

reduced to $125 Sale

Burgundy, Pink and a gorgeous turquoise and silver highlights. This artwork is super pretty and will brighten any room. You'll go crazy for it!


400mm cradled round resin art board was $300 reduced to $200 sale!

A symphony of colours, delicate lace and bold contrasts. Beautiful high shine to reflect all those colours. A statement piece that will give much joy.

Available at Riverfront Gallery, Denmark, WA.