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Resin Art Gallery Perth

Here is a selection of my resin artwork that is available for immediate purchase. Home stylists and interior designers are welcome. New work is posted as it becomes available or you may like to view my art when I have it on display at art exhibitions in the Perth metropolitan area.

You may purchase your resin art by contacting the artist directly.

I also publish art daily on my Instagram feed - @eatlovepaint.


Commissions are welcome. If a bespoke resin artwork with your colour preferences and size is more to your taste please contact me. After an in depth consultation, I will send to you the Art Commission Contract which sets out the agreed details of your artwork with size, colour and finish specifications, payment and delivery schedule.

Size: commissions up to 1.6m.

Consider Triptych and Diptych options as well.

These are the pieces of artwork available for sale now. I will update regularly with new works and if pieces are sold. Please enjoy and contact me if you have any questions or wish to purchase or commission your own resin artwork.

A private viewing can be arranged by appointment.

Free delivery in Perth metropolitan area.

Up dated 2/01/2019

Artwork Available Now!


award winning artwork ANTICIPATE




1200mm x 900mm Resin on Cradled Art Board $1690

This award winning artwork is now available to purchase. A large and significat artwork which is interesting in its colour and typography. Contact the artist for purchase enquiry.

Oceanic resin painting

Girt By Sea

Girt By Sea

600mm Round Cradled Artists Board $430

A comforting familiar shape and movement has all the feels of an Australian coastline. Deep green and turquoise give this painting a wonderful cool look. A unique and mesmerising artwork.

Embrace 800mm x 600mm



800mm x 600mm Resin on Cradled Artists Board $890

This is a very cool water painting, with references to Whitehaven Beach and summer days. Simplicity is elegance and this painting oozes both, by not demanding attention but quietly easing into a space. A relaxing and ambient artwork for all seasons.



600mm round artists artboard $390

Pleasingly cool with a dramatic contrasting dark pigment to highlight a smokey blue, this artwork is light and filled with cool white to suit a modern decor. Mizuko is Japanese for child of the water.


800mm x 800mm Ink artwork on Cradled timber board $990

The round piece of art that isn't actually. Multi-layered with ink and hand embellished then resined to create are mirror shine finish and highlight the intense colours. Touches of gold bring a little glamour to the artwork, but there is so much to see! A facinating artwork that will enhance any space, but be prepared you will have trouble taking your eyes of it.

La Femme

La Femme

600mm Round Cradled Artists Board $430

Luxuriously feminine with swirls of metalic pink, silver and turquoise this is perfect to enhance a soft palette ina room for relaxing. Perfect high gloss finish there are so many interesting effects to see you will never get bored.


45cm square



45cm square



45cm square


Resin Art - Buy Art - Pastels and greys are on trend

Snow Goose

Subtle pastel resin in multi layers
Resin art in pastel shades is on trend ART

Snow Goose

90cm x 70cm resin on cradled artists board SOLD




1200mm x 900mm Resin on cradled artists board This is a stunningly beautiful artwork that is full of postivity as it reaches up towards the heavens. Rich blue hues with Jade and Gold highlights, it shimmers just a little in the light. Copper also features which offsets the deep sapphire blue and turquoise. A significant piece of art that would grace a room with light, colour and elegance.


Detail of Meraki

SOLD! at the City of Gosnells Art Awards. Thank you!If you missed out on buying Meraki, you could contact me about a commissioned resin artworkMeraki 70cm x 90cm resin on cradled artists board
Resin Art Mystic River - SOLD- commission yours now!

Mystic River

Mystic River Resin Art
Earth Treasures - Resin Art
SOLD! If you missed out on buying MYSTIC RIVER, you could contact me about a commissioned resin artwork.Mystic River - resin cradled board.
Wonderwall - For Sale 80cm x 80cm Resin Art

"Wonderwall" by Peta Garnaut

SOLD!Wonderwall - cradled resin board and framed in a stunning Black high gloss floating frame. Thank you!

Inferno - statement piece resin art 40cm round

"Inferno" - 40cm cradled round resin art board. $200.

A symphony of colours, delicate lace and bold contrasts. Beautiful high shine to reflect all those colours. A statement piece that will give much joy.

Available for immediate delivery.

Inferno - round resin art for sale
Oceania- SOLD- commission your own seascape resin art!
Oceania - detailed
SOLD ! Oceania - 60cm round cradled board
Rock Pool - Resin Art by Perth Artist
Detailed image of Rock Pool - Resin artwork
SOLD! Rock Pool - 40cm square cradled board.
Waterfall Resin Art by Peta Garnaut
Detailed image of Waterfall - Resin Art piece

Waterfall - 40cm square cradled resin art board $200

Tell me that you loved me
Detailed image by Perth resin artist Peta Garnaut
SOLD ~ Tell Me That You Love Me - 60cm Round Cradled board Thank you!
Submerge-SOLD- you can commission your own version of this seascape in resin.
detailed image of Submerge
SOLD ~ Submerge - 40cm round cradled board. $350 Thank you!
Glacier - Resin Art
Detailed of Glacier Resin Art by Peta Garnaut
SOLD !Glacier - 40cm round cradled board. Thank you!
SOLD ~ Sanctuary - 80cm framed round on cradled board. Thank you!
SOLD ~ 30cm round on board. Thank you!
Hullalbaloo- an explosion of colour in resin

"Hullalbaloo" by Peta Garnaut

detailed image of Hullalbaloo

Hullalbaloo - 60cm round board. AUD$250

What can I say! a whole bunch of fun here with an explosion of colour. You may see an underwater garden of coral and anemones, or fireworks exploding. Whatever you see the colours and details of this piece will keep you looking to many years.

Available for immediate delivery.

Lagoon by Perth Resin Artist - Peta Garnaut

"Lagoon" by Peta Garnaut

Detailed image of Lagoon - resin art

Lagoon - 80cm x 80cm - cradled board. AUD$890.

This luxurious deep blue painting just makes you want to dive in. Many layers enticing you to look deeper and find that dreamy, cool, seaborne memory. Super high-shine finish. Blue, torquoise, copper, deep greeny/blue, lacing. Available for immediate delivery.

Hot Chocolate - Resin Art by Peta Garnaut

"Hot Chocolate" by Peta Garnaut

Hot Chocolate - resin art in gorgeous complimentary colours

Hot Chocolate - 80cm x 80cm Cradled Resin Art Board. $890.

This is a natural love affair between chocolate and mint. This brings a taste to your mouth of smooth dark chocolate followed by creme de menthe or a cocktail at midnight in a smokey bar. Either way this dramatic artwork with multi layers will never be ignored. Available for immediate delivery.

Jupiter 40cm Round Resin Art- Blue resin art

"Jupiter" by Peta Garnaut

Up close details in Jupiter resin art piece

Jupiter - 40cm round resin art board $200

Blue on blue on turquoise with a touch of pink and amber. This painting shines and sparkles and is endlessly deep and facinating. A stunning painting for blue lovers.

Available for immediate delivery worldwide.

Looks like Earth - Resin Art

"Satellite" by Peta Garnaut

Satellite - 40cm cradled round resin art board $200

Many layers of tints over luscious rich royal blue with gold shimmering through, this artwork has so much depth you want to dive in. Like watching the world sail past in a spacecraft, it draws you in to see more and more.

Available for immediate delivery.

Small Scale artworks brighten up a small wall or awkward area. All the detail and colour of large works, just smaller and intense. Impact is their super power.