Resin Art

Resin is a relatively modern art medium. It became popular in the mid 1960's when a number of artists began to consider the aesthetic possibilities of using polyester resin for their work.

It has a somewhat otherworldly, abstract appearance and offers a fascinating reflection of the environment around us and is often used to depict the natural landscape.

I fell in love with resin because of the organic process of creation, its fluidity and its ability to emphasise colours to a high, almost three-dimensional intensity with multiple layers providing depth and interest.

Discover the vivid and provocative resin art at eat love paint.

There is also some of my acrylic on canvas artworks shown here insitu. Art is shown actual size.

All Art published is the copyrighted work of Peta Garnaut EATLOVEPAINT Australia.

Art is a part of everyone's life and choosing the art you want to live with every day is a big decision.

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