Business and Identity Vetting

We have a number of Services that we can offer:

Business and Financial Reports

  • Directorship Checking
    • A Directorship Check consults our Directors Database to verify a candidate’s current and previously held directorships, as well as any disqualifications on their record.
  • Adverse Financial Check
    • Understanding a candidate’s background can help to mitigate the risks posed to your business by individuals under financial strain.
  • Sanctions File Check
    • A Sanctions File Check from Experian screens high risk individuals and helps organisations to fulfil compliance and anti-money laundering (AML) obligations.
  • Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Check
    • An FCA Check is required to screen and approve applicants before they are authorised to conduct certain types of business in the financial sector.
  • DVLA Check
    • A DVLA Check is a simple yet effective solution for validating the suitability and reliability of a candidate whose job might require extensive driving. It can also be used to assess whether a candidate will meet the industry requirements for restricted sectors.

Disclosure and Barring Service and Identity Reports

  • DBS Vetting
    • Basic
      • Basic Check
    • Standard
      • Includes details of any unspent convictions a candidate might have, allowing employers to decide whether the candidate poses any risk.
      • Some positions require an AccessNI check in Northern Ireland.
    • Enhanced
      • Complete criminal history checks, these are a mandatory screening process for positions involving work with children and vulnerable adults.
  • Identity Checking
    • The identity checking service is designed to make pre-employment screening as simple, intuitive and stress-free as possible. This frees up your staff from having to complete time-consuming checks, enabling them to focus their time on other tasks.
    • Online via an App
    • Paper based

All our services are provided in a easy to read and understand report. For pricing please refer to our Pricing Page. We can provide sample reports if required.

If there is a report that you need that we have not listed please use form on the Contact Us page.